Arthur Highlighted by "The Red and Black"

Recently our campaign for State Senate District 45 was highlighted by the University of Gerogia's Student Newspaper, "The Red and Black." Here is an excerpt from the article written by Hunter Riggall:

"Arthur Tripp Jr., former assistant to University of Georgia President Jere Morehead, is running as an independent in the 45th district of the Georgia State Senate.

'Today’s politicians care more about ideology than they do about people,' Tripp said in an announcement video, criticizing both parties and calling his campaign 'a breath of fresh air.'...

As assistant to the president, Tripp worked in student affairs and diversity relations, as well as serving as a liaison to the Staff Council, Retirees Association and Board of Visitors. He also represented Morehead’s office at campus events.




Tripp graduated from UGA in 2009 with a degree in Political Science and worked in politics before coming to work at UGA, serving as a senior policy advisor to Rep. David Scott, the Democratic congressman for Georgia’s 13th district.

In his role in Scott’s office, Tripp managed the congressman’s assignments on the House Financial Services and Agriculture Committees and oversaw the legislative process for House bills. Before becoming a senior policy advisor, Tripp spent five years as a legislative assistant for Scott."

Here's the link to the full article: