What about funding?

I know what you may be thinking. I like the idea of an Independent. However, an Independent can never win simply because they do not have the fundraising element behind them.

However, we are pleased to report that as of the January 2020 financial filing deadline, our campaign is #2 in terms of cash on hand in comparison to every candidate in this race. That means that out of 6 candidates, both democrat and republican, our Independent campaign is #2. Friend, with your help, we can do this. 

Despite this outstanding metric, funding alone will not win this race. The genuine heart of the members in our community will. We are counting on people like you and me who are simply tired of the partisan fighting and tired of our voices being over shadowed. 

It is time for us to chart a new path and to introduce a breath of Fresh Air into our political system. 

Will you join us? Will you help us to become #1 by declaring that it is time to put People over Party? Please click the link on the menu to sign up to volunteer, sign our petition, and to donate.