Our growing community continues to face unique challenges. We need leaders who are more focused on people than ideology. As your State Senator, I will be committed to introducing logical ideas that bring a balanced approach. Every problem we face can be solved if we come together and work to introduce fresh air into our political system. I encourage you to view my proposals here. This page will continue to be updated throughout the campaign as we continue to listen to and engage Senate District 45. - Arthur


Balanced Approach

Where has partisan politics gotten us? One political party does not have all of the answers. People have the answers. It is time for a new approach as we seek to solve the grand challenges of our time. I hope you will join our effort to restore balance and common sense in our political system.


As a recent senior administrator in the Office of the President at the University of Georgia, I have seen first hand how education can impact generations of Georgians. In order for the State of Georgia to continue to thrive, we must have an educated work force. By 2025, it is estimated that over 60% of jobs in Georgia will require either a certificate, associates, or bachelors degree. Presently, less than 50% of our state’s young adults are prepared on that level. I look forward to bringing my experience to the State Capitol to introduce sensible solutions to this critical issue.

Transportation Infrastructure

In the last decade, Gwinnett has experienced rapid growth. We must ensure that we are investing in an infrastructure that maintains the economic vitality of our district. I believe that a strong private and public partnership will allow for investment in new technology such as adaptive traffic signals. 

Human Trafficking

Georgia has the 8th highest human trafficking rate in the country. We must continue to aggressively stop this inhumane practice and protect the citizens of our state.

Business and Employment

I believe the success of our community is contingent upon a thriving and collaborative business environment.  In my experience with the U.S. House Financial Services Committee, and through my leadership roles with Chamber of Commerce, I have, and will continue, to explore ways to empower our business community.